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10 Symptoms – Man Shouldn’t Ignore


In this article information about 10 Symptoms, a Man Shouldn’t Ignore. here are 10 symptoms

1:- Felling Tongue – Tied

Felling Tongue

Felling Tongue

He is thinking: I have a senior moment But it can be A stroke. When a clot, injury, narrow blood vessel or other problem restricts blood flow to the brain, the result can be TIA – a transient ischemic attack, which inhibits the functioning of the brain and can make speech difficult. It is different from the tip-off-the-tongue reaching for an elusive term.

According to Steven Kaplan, MD of Iris Cantor, “They may find that the words cannot come at all, or they will speak words that are different from those who have their intention or incite those things which do not make sense”. Men’s Health Center is now under construction at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

Such symptoms warrant the doctor for immediate call or travel to the ER. The mini-stroke usually lasts for a few minutes and the symptoms usually disappear within an hour, but having TIA means that you are in immediate risk of a larger stroke. Men have a higher risk of TIA than women, and the risk increases with age, especially after 55.

2:- Breathlessness: Symptoms

He is thinking: I’m really out of shape. But this can happen An impending heart attack. Shortness of breath with exhaustion, such as walking through a flight of stairs may indicate that the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen. The hallmark of coronary heart disease, for men aged 55 and older The reason for the greater risk is the reason.

“Any condition which suffers breathing, which includes asthma and allergy, which is loud,” Dr. Shindel says. “But if the shortness of breath appears to be spoiled every time, then we worry about the heart.” Difficulty breathing and 911 do not improve the call. An electrocardiogram or EKG (which measures the electrical activity of your heart), a sonogram or heart ultrasound, and the chest X-ray can help diagnose or rule the heart.

3:- Persistent pain on one side of the

Persistent pain on one side of the  

Persistent pain on one side of the

He was thinking: I probably pulled a muscle. But it can be a kidney stone or a tumor. The one-sided pain that probably goes away is that there is no side stitch or muscle stretched and no worries. “But if a dull pain is persistent, then it should be evaluated by a physician,” Dr. Kaplan says”.

It can be many things, but one tumor is one of the first possibilities we believe.” The tumor is not likely to be a pain, and if it takes over-the-counter painkillers it can be better – but keep coming back. “Any stomach pain which is not resolved within three days should be checked.”

The acute, excruciating pain that suddenly hits and does not improve the journey of ER within an hour. “If it is a kidney stone, the pain will radiate from a specific point and you may be fast enough to vomit,” Dr. Kaplan says. “I did not own myself, and it’s so terrible that it wants to die.” The problem may also be appendicitis, a punctured ulcer or hernia, so it is important to have an investigation. Here you know about Vegetarian vs non-vegetarian.

4:- Toilet-time blood: Symptoms

Toilet-time blood: Symptoms

Toilet-time blood: Symptoms

He was thinking: I should eat something But it can be: a kidney stone or bladder cancer if there is blood in the urine; If stomach cancer is blood in the stool. After the wipe, bright red spots on the tissue are likely to be from piles. But blood in the stool.

Which is narrower and thinner than normal (like the width of the pencil) can be a sign of cancer. Black, tarry stool can also indicate abdominal bleeding with the ulcer. Their doctor may possibly examine GI path through a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy to solve the problem.

Blood may appear in the form of a microscopic pink in urine, but it should not reject the microscope volume or should not chalk it for eating beets. Mark Pochpin, director of the Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health at New York City’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Well Cornell Medical Center, says, “You have enough food to do”.

Suppose any red color is blood: one drop can pink the bowl. “Even the microscopic volume is a warning,” says Martin Miner, MD, the Codex Director of the Men’s Health Center at The Miriam Hospital and Professor of Clinical Associate at Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island.

“If he can actually see the red color, then he should definitely be evaluated.”

5:- Trouble down below: Symptoms

Trouble down below: Symptoms

Trouble down below: Symptoms

He is thinking: There is a shot for it. But this may be the initial warning of heart disease. “Latest studies show that in the ’40s and ’50s, men with erectile dysfunction could be away from cardiac incidents like heart attack, two to five years away,” Dr. Minor is called. A recent study of the Mayo Clinic found that the likelihood of heart disease on the road was 50 times higher than those men who had ED in the 40s.

Arterial reaching the penis is about half the diameter of the heart feeding. So experts believe that restricted blood flow from atherosclerosis is seen quickly below. An EKG or stress test can detect cardiac problems and a Doppler Ultrasound (usually from the urologist) can test blood flow in the penis blood vessels.

“The first sign of ED is usually the difficulty in maintaining an erection during sex or not in the normal condition of the morning,” Dr. Minor is called. The good news is that if the beginning of ED is due to heart disease, it suggests that there may be a window of opportunity for the treatment of heart disease before your man gets a serious illness.

6:- Daytime Fatigue: Symptoms

Daytime Fatigue: Symptoms

Daytime Fatigue: Symptoms

He is thinking: I must sleep first But it can be obstructive sleep apnea. This condition does not help to spend more time on the bed due to fatigue, in which the airway becomes narrowed or blocked during sleep, reduces breathing and disrupts sleep in five to 30 times in an hour. “Everyone has a night here and when he does not sleep well, but if the exhaustion does not come to sleep then sleep apnea can give him a heart attack, arrhythmia, stroke or even heart. Here you know about Yoga – Everything that you want to know.

Failure to health problems can be put at risk, “says Dr, Shindel, An indication that he was tired of chronological order. While sleeping during the waking activities, he slept. Dr. Shindel says,” Normal Sleeping is not normal during waking hours, because you are in a dark room”.

Sleep apnea is especially common in overweight men and heavy snoring, but breathing aids such as CPAP (constant positive air pressure) Treatment can be done, a device that you wear to keep the airway open at night. To reduce the weight of the airway and lose surgery. They can also get help.

7:- Constant Grumpiness

Constant Grumpiness

Constant Grumpiness

He is thinking: I am very tired at work. But it can be depression. Due to difficulties of work or hard times, it is normal to feel raucous and less, but it should be spread within a few days. With clinical depression, downbeat irritability lasts for weeks at a time.

If you are different from the run-of-the-mill blues and time to talk to your doctor. Then you are telling them, ‘You are not acting like a person who I think you actually It is for weeks or it has been lost. “Dr. Shindel says that he was interested in activities that did not enjoy or perform in work.

Talk therapy and antidepressant medicines are the options that their doctor might suggest first. But if she has symptoms like fatigue, low sex drive, and muscle defect, then Dr. Shindel is advised to undergo a blood test for low testosterone.

Which is sometimes the root cause of depression, especially in more than 40 men. Replacement gel, like testosterone, may reverse skin patches or injection symptoms. But it should first be discussed with the doctor about the possible risks of his medical history and testosterone therapy.

8:- Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

She is thinking: I’m drinking a lot of coffee but it can be type 2 diabetes or increased prostate. This can be coffee – when it is actually drinking it. But if he often wakes up two or more times during the night. Then his body can try to get rid of excess blood sugar. Which is produced as it can not be in the cells? A problem defining diabetes?

First of all, he should try to see what he drinks at night. Or not, to see if he goes to the bathroom for a minimum hour journey. If he still asks more than a month ago, then he should check his blood glucose. Especially if he has increased thirst, another red flag for diabetes,” says Dr. Minor. Diabetes can usually be controlled with changes in diet and exercise, which is often associated with the medication?

Even if he feels like he can not completely empty his bladder and/or slow or weak stream, is dribbling. And the urine flow is having trouble starting, then the problem is increasing prostate.

Maybe. The small gland that surrounds the tube that takes the urine out of the bladder. Therefore increase in size can put pressure on the urine flow – which is a common problem among middle-aged and elderly men. (In men under the age of 50, there may be symptoms due to urinary tract infections.)

Although painless, an enlarged prostate can eventually get worse and lead to acute urinary retention. Where it can not suddenly urinate, which is an emergency situation that often leads to surgery. From treatment to the pelvic floor, there is the treatment for muscle-strengthening medicines. That provides relief from symptoms or shrink the prostate.

Prostate cancer is also a possibility, especially for men over 50, and if the doctor suspects. That he will undergo an anal examination and will take blood for testing the level of PSA (prostate-specific antigen); More results than normal may be a sign of prostate growth, an infection or cancer.

9:- Yellowish Skin

Yellowish Skin

Yellowish Skin

She is thinking: what yellowish skin? But it can be a problem with the liver. Yellow skin, or jaundice, suggests not doing the right thing of the liver. Potential causes in adults include liver disease, gallstones, pancreatic cancer or viral hepatitis, which causes swelling of the liver.

Dr. “Hepatitis A is not a disease, people think about it. But it is a virus that is found in contaminated shellfish, and it can be passed by people who prepare food and do not wash hands” says Pope Pin. Are. ” In fact, Hepatitis A is one of the most common infectious diseases, which is preventable with a vaccine. Which is not considered for anyone. Which has not been vaccinated? Symptoms of jaundice, fever, anxiety, tiredness. And fatigue usually appears within two to six weeks and recover themselves with a few weeks of comfort. (And the virus does not stay in your body after that.) But has he checked with his doctor? Which is most likely to run some tests to find out what is going on?

10:- A New Spot – Mole, Freckle, Red Patch – On the Skin

He is thinking: it will turn away But it can be skin cancer or seborrheic keratosis – wart, mummy benign lesions. That becomes more common in middle age. Any time a new skin is visible or changes in an existing shape, color or shape. It should be seen by the doctor. According to the American Academy of Dermatology.

If a spot or mole becomes darker, blood, itching or burning sensation, then it is all worried. The difference between the presence of a benign growth and skin cancer – especially melanoma. The most deadly type – can be subtle. Your physician may want to take a biopsy to make a fixed ID.

I know all this from experience in the past – and when I came to know what the threat can be. I am glad that I saw my doctor. After all, there is no indestructible forever.


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