Lime Cake Recipe

Lime Cake Recipe

Lime Cake Recipe


1. A cup of butter
2. ½ cup of oil
3. Two cups of sugar
4. Five eggs
5. Three cups of all-purpose flour
6. ½ teaspoon baking soda
7. A cup of milk
8. Two tablespoons of rum
9. One tablespoon of grated lime bark
10. Two teaspoons of lime juice


1. ¼ cup sugar
2. ¼ cup butter
3. 2 tablespoons of lime juice
4. 3 tablespoons of rum

Method of baking:

1. Preheat the oven to 300 ° C.
2. Grease a 15 “pan and make floury
3. Mix the flour and baking powder together
4. In a large bowl, cream the butter, oil, and sugar along with the cream until light and fluffy
5. Beat individually in the eggs
6. Alternately mix with the milk in the flour mixture and simply mix until complete
7. Stir in rum, lime juice, vanilla essence, and lemon juice
8. Pour the dough into the prepared pan
9. Bake for an hour and 40 minutes (approximately) or until a toothpick is inserted in the center of the cake
10. Let it cool in the pan for 15 minutes
11. Turn it on a wire rack
12. While it’s warm, prick the top of the cake with a toothpick
13. Prepare lime glaze, mix sugar, butter and lime juice in a small saucepan
14. Bring to a boil
15. Continue cooking, stirring constantly for one minute
16. Remove from heat and stir in rum
17. Pour the lime glaze over the cake

18. Cool completely before serving


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