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22 Natural Makeup & Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

beauty tips for teenage girl

In this article information about 22 Natural Makeup & Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls. Every girl dreams for beautiful & glowing skin, good features, shiny and healthy hair. Some of these girls are blessed with their natural genetic beauty.

They need not invest much money and time on their beauty. But when a girl enters their teenage phase, they try really hard to look best every time they go out with their friends.

Many have to face acne problems as they all are going through some hormonal changes. They can reduce the pimples and stay away from acne by simply following some tips and can look gorgeous every day. (Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls)

They should be calm and composed at that time as acne can be treated. Here are some beauty tips for teenage girls, which will help them look beautiful. Let’s face it: for many teenage girls, looking great is a priority.

It’s age and time when priorities and styles are changing. Whether it’s a natural glow or an intense fashion, every girl has a look in which she feels most comfortable. From clothing to makeup to beauty, here are some ideas for finding that perfect fit.

Girls Beauty Tips

First and foremost, be kind to your skin. Before ever putting on any makeup, realize that the sensitive skin of the face is vital for a healthy look. Be aware of your skin type, whether it’s oily, normal, or dry, and take care of it.

Rather than simply covering trouble spots with makeup, consider the sources of the issue and work to combat it. Drink enough water, keep skin clean and hydrated, and always wash off makeup before going to bed. Taking care of skin early on will help to keep it looking great for years to come.

Speaking of skin, if aren’t sure if you have dry or oily skin, there is a trick that many people use called a tissue test. Unfold a regular tissue over your face in the morning before applying any cosmetics or washing your face. Press it lightly against the skin and wait for a few seconds. Pull the tissue away.

If you see oily spots on the tissue from where it pressed on your forehead, nose, and cheeks, you have oily skin. If there are skin flakes on the tissue or skin feels flaky or itchy, it is considered dry.

Normal skin will leave no oil, and combination skin will contain both dry and oily sections. Knowing what skin type you have will allow you to use appropriate skin care products in the future. (How to make your skin care products more effective)

beauty tips for teenage girls

(1) Skin Cleansing: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Skin Cleansing

The market today overflows with an enormous variety of soaps and cleansers – from soaps for different skin types, foaming face washes to cleansing milk and gels, each claiming to have ‘special ingredients’ specifically suited for your skin.

With so many products on display, it is no wonder that one is confused, not only about whether cleansing is necessary at all but also about how to go about choosing and using the right cleanser.

The need for Skin cleansing

  • Daily you are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, and pollution which cannot be removed by merely splashing some water over your skin.
  • Natural ingredients like besan (gram flour), haldi (turmeric) and milk do not work when it comes to ridding the skin of the pollutants on its surface.
  • The skin needs to be cleaned with an effective cleansing agent at least once a day, preferably in the evening.
  • If the skin isn’t cleaned on a daily basis, this exposure to pollutants could build up and cause pigmentation, discoloration, dull skin and uneven tanning.
  • While this could happen over a long period of time, even years, once it does, it is very difficult to treat. Hence, prevention is better than cure.

Compare the skin on your face to the skin on any part of your body that is not exposed to the elements. You will find a difference in color, texture, smoothness, radiance, and firmness.

Facial skin suffers due to exposure to all elements like the sun, pollutants, heat, and dust. These tend to dry and damage the skin. Hence, you need a different cleansing routine for your face and the rest of your body.

(2) Cleaning your body: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Cleaning your body Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

A clean body is a very important part of basic hygiene and maintaining good health. If you don’t clean your body well enough, you can get a host of infections. Use of mere water is not enough to keep the body clean and healthy.

You need to use soap or a body wash, preferably one that suits your skin. However, you must also remember that if you over clean your body you will dry your skin out, and make it susceptible to allergies. (Bad Skin Habits, How to Quit?)

Most of us use soap to clean our bodies. An effective soap washes dirt, dust, grime, and undesirable oils off your skin but leaves behind enough natural oil or sebum in your skin to retain
its moisture.

How to Cleanse Your Face

How to Cleanse Your Face

The best way to cleanse your face is to use warm water and a mild cleanser twice a day, probably in the morning and before you go to bed. It is a fairly simple process. To do it just right :

  • Wet your face with warm water.
  • Place a small amount of face wash, about the size of a 50 paise coin, on your palm.
  • Use a soft sponge to gently rub the cleanser all over your face for fifteen to thirty seconds.
  • Splash your face with running warm water several times (about ten times), until you feel that all the cleanser has rinsed off. Feel your face for signs of oily residue. Warm water is more effective to dissolve oil and impurities.

Don’t over wash

Yes, this is possible! Teens can be guilty of washing their skin to control their oily or vibrant skin. It is better to wash your face twice a day by washing with the overboard because it can really stimulate the production of more sugar.

(3) Makeup Tips For Teenage Girls: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girl

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Find your colors. Look for colors that match well with both your style and your body. Some colors will blend well while others will pop.

For example, use a shade of eye shadow that will enhance the natural color of your eyes, but choose concealers and foundations that match the skin to avoid looking like the victim of a bad spray tanning. It may take a few tries to find makeup that fits your face and creates the ideal look, so experiments until you find a match.

Makeup should enhance natural features, not hide them. Although some people do have little blemishes or dark circles under the eyes to hide, the key role of makeup is to enhance your natural look. Accentuate the positive features, such as gorgeous eyes or full lips, to draw attention away from less flattering features.

(4) Avoid heavy makeup: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Avoid heavy makeup

Avoid heavy makeup or using too much, which will make the face look “cakey.” For dry skin, moisturize and exfoliate so that flakes aren’t visible. Flaky skin, especially for girls who use powder makeup, will enhance the appearance of products and won’t be particularly flattering.

Keep it light. Unless a teenage girl is going for a very punky and intense look during the day, makeup is best-kept light and somewhat natural.

This doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to go without wearing makeup, but a daytime look doesn’t have to be intense. Smokey eye shadow isn’t essential for a morning class and can look too heavy. Save dramatic looks for evening activities or special events and they’ll have a more striking effect than if they’re used every day.

Change things up. If a look feels tired and boring, try something new. Something as simple as choosing a slightly darker shade of eye shadow or applying the same shades in a different way can help break up a boring routine.

(5) Moisturizing: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Moisturizing: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girl

Moisture in the skin helps it look young and supple. Our skin loses water constantly through exposure to the air and the elements. Remember the simple equation – the more water your skin loses, the drier it gets.

The rate of water loss is accelerated through climatic conditions, air conditioning, and physical exercise. The biggest incriminatory is the sun. Add to this the fact that with the change in our environment, the intensity of the sun’s rays has increased drastically over the past decades. This tends to dry our skin even more.

Age also plays a part in this water loss – the older your skin is, the less able it is to hold in the moisture effectively. That is why we perceive dry skin to be aging skin, and moisturized skin as young skin.

Moisturizers protect your skin’s top layer by holding in water and smoothing surface dryness. Think of a moisturizer as a bodyguard for your skin, guarding against any moisture or water from escaping the surface.

They also prepare your skin for makeup, which glides on more easily and looks prettier on a smooth complexion. But most important, moisturizers make your facial skin more supple and healthy. Today it has become essential to use moisturizers at all ages, especially
after twenty.

Kind of moisturizers

Kind of moisturizers

There are numerous brands of moisturizers available, each with a variety of ingredients in them. What are the different kinds of moisturizers and which is right for you? There are three basic categories of moisturizers – those meant for dry, normal and oily skins. In addition, you will come across moisturizers with a lot of special ingredients.

The following discussion is illustrative of the kinds of moisturizers available to help you choose the right moisturizer according to your requirements.

Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Moisturizers formulated especially for dry skin prevent water loss. They contain oily substances that ‘sit’ on the skin’s surface and prevent evaporation. Remember, dry skin lacks water, not oil, so
most oily substances moisturize dry skin by preventing evaporation. Women over the age of forty – five, whose skin tends to be drier, may find that oil-based moisturizers work best because they are thicker and richer than oil-free products.

Moisturizers for Normal Skin

Moisturizers for Normal Skin

These formulations contain tiny droplets of oil dispersed in water with the help of an emulsifying agent. When these moisturizers are properly applied to the skin in a thin layer, the oil and water combine and get absorbed into the skin.

The oil lies inside each molecule, surrounded by water so that when you put on the emulsion, you feel the water first. These moisturizers are drier and less greasy on your skin than those meant for dry skin. (Shed that extra flab with curvelle weight loss supplements!)

Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Good news for the shiny-faced: you may not have to use a moisturizer at all, because your skin’s natural oils may protect it from water loss. But even oily skin can have dry patches during seasons like winter when the oil content may be adequate but since the water content is less the skin might still feel dry.

You should use an oil-free moisturizer to tackle this kind of dryness. Oil-free moisturizers contain ingredients that work like oil to help seal water into your skin, without an oily feel and without causing breakouts.

Though they’re not quite as thick and rich as oils, these ingredients will effectively hydrate your skin. They work especially well if you’re prone to acne or tend to get breakouts during your menstrual cycle, because many oil-enriched products may occlude pores, leading to zits. (No Equipment Home Cardio Workout)

(6)Acne care: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls


Acne is one of the most dreadful enemies of young girls. They can handle anything but not acne! So to treat acne you must maintain some good personal habits like drinking plenty of water, washing your face with cold water three-four times a day and if possible avoid using soap for face, instead use some face wash or other ingredients.

Majority teenage girls suffer from acne and get scared after knowing the fact that it can leave marks on their skins. But acne and marks can be treated easily either through some helpful home remedies or by visiting her dermatologist.

(7) Do not apply Foundation: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Foundation is for women over 30. Also, if you have acne, the foundation will make things much worse. Use concealer to cover up your blemishes. Tinted moisturizer is lighter than foundation.  

(8) Hair Care Section: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

To nourish your hair, apply oil every week. Also, keep your hairs clean and healthy by washing it twice or thrice every week. To make your long and strong, tie your hairs before going to bed. You can go for some high lights, but excessive use of colors or ironing can make permanent damage to your hairs. (Types Of Hair Brushes And Benefits)

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  • Hair Styling – Understand what hairstyle cut suits your face cut, tips for adding bounce to your hair and more…
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  • Dandruff – Find out if you really have dandruff and banish it once and for all. (Home Remedies for Dandruff Tips)

(9) Sunscreen

Sunscreen: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girl

Always wear sunscreen during the daytime. Also, one should use sunscreen in winters too. Harmful rays on the skin will contribute towards creating wrinkles on your face.  

(10) Style Tips For Teenage Girls: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Dress for the occasion. Don’t overdress for a casual event like school but stay sharp for job interviews, date night, or similar events. Being overdressed or under dressed will make you stand out but in an awkward way.

Make a style your own. Choose elements of fashion that you enjoy and work them into your current lineup rather than buying an entirely new wardrobe each time a new style strikes. This will help to cut costs and create a more unique look than if an entire ensemble were purchased straight off the mannequin.

When you find a style that fits, choose a few basic, versatile pieces and build around them. A great looking pair of jeans, that little black dress, and a few tanks, camisoles, and tees, for example, would be a good basic collection.

They can be paired with current fashionable items which change constantly (think jackets, cardigans, and so on.) Styles come and go, but a few truly versatile pieces can extend beyond one look and can be used in multiple ways.

Don’t neglect the hair! It’s an important part of the overall look. The hair frames the face and completes a look, whether it’s long, short, curly, spiked, or shaved. Find a cut and length that suits you and work it. Just like the skin, be sure to keep hair healthy and don’t neglect it.

(11) Meditation and exercise

Meditation and exercise

Physical activity like gym, jogging or even a dance or aerobics class can make you look prettier. These activities will keep you fit and healthy from inside which will keep you more happy and cheerful.  (The Abercrombie Model Workout- A Fitness Model Workout Routine)

(12) Do not play up with everything, every day

A teenage girl should understand that they need not behave like a woman. Do not apply everything all together, like, eye shadow, gloss, eyeliner, foundation. This will take the innocent and fresh look from your face. Enhance the best feature of your face, like if you have big eyes, then apply only kohl and eyeliner. If you have beautiful lips then wear some gloss every day.

Today beauty is a subject of concern for both male and female but the still beauty is something which is inseparable from girls. This is their basic thing in life and they always love to know tips for beauty.

The web is loaded with free beauty tips for girls. These tips do wonders to change their looks and personality. I would share some free beauty tips for girls which are some of the best among them.

(13) Use Homemade face pack or toning

Homemade face pack or toning

Try to apply a homemade face pack or toning. Your skin can use face scrubbing one or two times a week to remove the dead skin layer and uncover its healthy new skin.

I will help you will a very easy toning method. Take egg white and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients well and apply the paste on your face for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water or lukewarm water. Try to apply this mixture three days a week. You will observe a change in your skin after two weeks.

Tone your skin of hands and legs with another homemade mixture

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Next, you can also tone your skin of hands and legs with another homemade mixture. I learned this from my sister who is an expert in free beauty tips for girls. You must take 2 tablespoon oatmeal and 2 tablespoons rose water and mix it to a half cup of milk.

Heat the mixture in low flame to make your soft paste. Apply when the paste is slightly warm. You can keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water. This will prevent aging and other skin problems in girls. 

(14) Always keep your make up light and clothes clean

Always keep your make up light and clothes clean: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girl

The main point is that you always keep your make up light and clothes clean. Wear which makes you comfortable not others to shower praise. If you keep your make up light your natural beauty is reflected more and remember BOYS move by natural beauty! Eve never applied any lipstick or makeup still when Adam first saw her he could feel something…

(15) Try to sleep comfortably

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Yes, you must take care of your sleep a lot. If you sleep on your back its good otherwise if you put your face down and sleep it would enhance your wrinkle formation and also affect your cleavage.

So try to sleep on your back from now and not less than 6-8 hours. If you have dark circles around your eyes it means you don’t have adequate sleep. Try to sleep comfortably.

(16) Fingers tips

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

For your fingers, you must take care to clean the corners of the nails. And before you apply a color nail polish. You must apply a coat of plain nail polish.

(17) Drinking plenty of water

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Drinking plenty of water is very essential for retaining the beauty of your skin.

(18) Resources for inspiration

magazines covers

Although magazines, celebrities, and even friends can be great resources for inspiration, find an individual look. Something that looks good on a favorite celebrity may not translate well for everyone. Understand your own face, body, color, skin, and style to find the look that best compliments you.

(19) Dress and choose makeup appropriate

Dress and choose makeup appropriate

Dress and choose makeup appropriate for your plans. Be practical and stylish. Some occasions might call for a more dazzling look, but for those times when it’s about looking good and not stunning the crowds, find a look that is comfortable, fun, and appropriate to your plans. (Natural beauty tips)

(20) Balanced diet

Balanced diet, Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Taking a balanced and nutritious diet is quite effective and helps to keep healthy looking skin. This is the best teenage skin care tip. Soft drinks or junk foods can cause acne, and your teen’s skin looks dull and dry. Unhealthy foods also increase salt content in the body which cause dehydration and poor skin health

(21) Eat green vegetables

Eat green vegetables: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

Caring out from the outside is not enough for healthy and young skin. Your teenager needs to build a strong defense from the inside, which makes his skin look healthy and fresh. To make the skin healthy from the inside, eat plenty of green vegetables.

(22) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls

A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on your teen’s skin and health conditions. Alcohol, drugs, or smoking addiction worsens your skin’s health. It easily destroys the healthy brightness of your teen’s skin. Smoking breaks the collagen of the skin and your teenager’s skin looks dry and dull.

Signs of premature aging are of a smoking adolescent. The research concludes that collagen and elastin production is low in smoking teenagers, and their skin looks dull and unhealthy. Therefore, your teen should quit smoking to maintain the good health of the skin.


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