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Benefit of Green Tea For Our Skin

Benefit of Green Tea For Our Skin

Green Tea is a drink that is known to acquire. All-natural health assets such as cutting down cholesterol and weight loss.   Today, it is used as a raw substance in making anti-aging creams or even topical remedy for acne. It helps people to have a healthy body. This wonderful tea plant, also known as the Camellia. Sinensis is found in Asia (China) many years ago, with a beneficial role in health until the present time.

Modern creams and serums are known to have antioxidant properties that can help fight the following:

Blemishes Premature Agin Rashes For those with blemishes or acne, one good way to avoid breakout is by the use of green tea. Since this is natural and has an inflammatory effect. It can serve as a remedy as well as to tone down redness to your acne. A study shows the component of green tea. That will help curb hormonal problems that sometimes cause acne. Here you know about Avascular Necrosis.

Similar to other antioxidant remedies, It plays a big role in fighting molecules. That can cause premature skin aging. And acne that aggravates skin, at the same time, it also heals rough and flaky skin. while others use it to ease “Rosacea”. Aside from reconciliation. It deflects molecules coming from the rays of the sun or the untamed pollution we experience every day.

Most importantly, it stimulates collagen giving you healthier and younger skin. According to research, those who use substance from the tea plant claims that their skin was cured. In short, all the effects of using green tea is because of an antioxidant named, EGCG, a substance that was being known as “The cell rejuvenator” that block irritants and heal the skin.

All those who already try using the green tea antioxidant claims the following:

  • Intact and smoother skin
  • Lessen dryness of skin and stop the risk of premature aging
  • Rejuvenated skin pores

Compare to Vitamin C and E, EGCG from green tea helps rebuild damaged skin by protecting it from free radicals.

Most of the companies blend green tea with caffeine. Because they get into the idea. That since caffeine is a big source of antioxidant. Researchers rely on the possibility. Combining the two components will give a satisfying result. Furthermore, caffeine is added to green tea will enhance. The oxidation process giving more reliable benefits for people with skin problems.

It is said that whenever someone chooses to use creams or serum you should always follow one rule. Using creams to provide more components to restore dry and flaky skin. While antitoxins or serum is a better option for lustrous skin. That requires rehydration. In addition to that, creams or serums with green tea propose a great amount of antioxidant. That will fit each and every skin regimen.


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