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Boxing Workouts at Home

Boxing Workouts at Home

Information about Boxing Workouts at Home. In the past, I’ve discussed how I use boxing workouts at home to help increase fat loss.  Now I’d like to layout a boxing workout routine that you can use to either supplement or even replace your existing strength training routine. 

What I like about a boxing training routine is that it is a high intensity, low impact program.  Because you can’t perform HIIT focused on your legs day-after-day without overtraining, boxing gives your legs a bit of a rest while still allowing you to get a great cardiovascular workout that tones your arms, ups HGH levels and results in EPOC.  Even better, a boxing training program can be done with little to no equipment in limited space.

Boxing Workouts at Home

There are a few different ways you can incorporate boxing workouts at home.  First, you could buy a punching bag and gloves.  This obviously provides the most realize experience.  There’s nothing like pounding on a bag.

My favorite boxing workout routine involves a variety of different punches as well as kicks using the heavy bag.  A speed bag can be a great addition as well but I haven’t gone that route just yet.

Unfortunately, I don’t use the heavy bag as much as I’d like to anymore.  I generally exercise when my son sleeps and a boxing routine isn’t exactly ideal for a sleeping 2-year old.  Fortunately, boxing workouts are flexible enough that you don’t need a heavy bag to do them.

You can perform shadow boxing or train with dumbbells.  Personally, I like my boxing training routine to include punches with 10lb dumbbells followed by shadowboxing.  For beginners, you have to use caution though since punching with weights can increase the risk of injury.

Boxing Training Program: Boxing Workouts at Home

Boxing Workouts at Home

Why should you include a boxing training routine?  Because it is extremely effective at burning fat due to high-intensity nature.  You punch for different timed intervals and can go through a series of progressions over time so that you’re constantly improving your fitness level.

As I’ve previously discussed, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is great at elevating HGH levels to help burn fat and preserve muscle.  Additionally, like HIIT, boxing workouts lead to a significant caloric after-burn (EPOC).  The other great thing is that a boxing workout routine is a very low impact activity which reduces the risk of injury.

If you’re new to boxing, then I would recommend reading Home Boxing Workouts by James Kerrison.  He does a great job outlining the various types of punches with detailed photos and videos on how to perform them along with a Tabata style boxing routine.

Additionally, his boxing workouts were designed to be performed 3 days per week for no more than 60 minutes including warm-ups and stretches so they’re time-efficient too.  I’d venture to say that if you can complete this 12-week boxing training program, then you’ll be in very good shape.

Consider a Boxing Routine

Boxing Workouts at Home

For me, on top of everything else I mentioned, a boxing workout routine is a great way to release some stored up anger as well.  Had a bad day at work?  Do a boxing routine.  Mad that your favorite sports team lost?  Boxing workout.

This same argument can be made for other types of exercise but a boxing training routine feels like a natural way to release some stress.

Whether you perform a full out boxing training program like Home Boxing Workouts or just add 10-20 minutes of boxing after your weight training, I think boxing workouts at home are a great way to accelerate fat loss and get a lean, defined body.

The benefits of boxing training for beginners

Cardiovascular training is a kind of workout that usually does not focus on losing weight (though it helps in keeping your body), but it develops your endurance. For that, you should practice long and dull stress which are very beneficial but most of us are boring. And once you get bored and leave your training, it is difficult to start again.

However, if you do paganism, you do intensive training that is not boring at all. At the top of it, it works to your whole body and enhances your cardiovascular system. It also improves your coordination, main strength, and general muscle tone. Finally, it helps to get rid of stress and improves your self-confidence.

Therefore, if you want to do something that is pleasurable and develops mentally and physically, then cardio workouts at home and a way to do heavy bag workouts.


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