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Dry Skin Treatment and Tips

Dry facial skin How to treat dry facial skin

In this article information about Dry Skin Treatment and Tips. Having dry skin can be a big headache. There are dullness and flaking of the skin. Putting on makeup can also be difficult as products tend to enhance the dryness of your face, creating further damage onto your skin.

It has been also said that people with dry skin are more prone to early signs of aging than those ladies with a combination and oily skin. If you are one of those women.

Whose suffering from this kind of dilemma. There are some Dry Skin Treatment and tricks that you can do to alleviate this problem and get your face healthy and glowing in no time!

Dry Skin Treatment: How to treat dry facial skin tips

1.    Use the right facial cleanser and toner

The number one trick is to use the right cleanser and toner for your skin. Find a facial wash that is designed for dry skin as this will prevent stripping off the natural moisture of the skin while eliminating the dirt and grime on your face. Some people may think that toner is not necessary for this skin type. 

This is untrue. A toner will take away deep-seated dirt that the cleanser was not able to remove plus it also prepares the skin for the next step which is the application of the moisturizer. You just need to pick one that has no alcohol content. It is also wise to take a closer look at the ingredients of the products before putting them to your basket.

2.    Slather on a moisturizer: Dry Skin Treatment and Tips

Use a hydrating moisturizer that will cure your skin dry skin. A hydrating moisturizer which has a lot of antioxidants and moisturizing properties is vital. Apply an adequate amount of product to your face and massage in a circular motion to help your skin absorb the product. You can put your moisturizer in the fridge for a refreshing treat every night.

3.    Exfoliate: Dry Skin Treatment and Tips

Use a very mild and non-abrasive exfoliating scrub onto your face at least once a week to eliminate dead skin cells and reveal a younger looking skin. You can mix oatmeal grain and plus non-fat milk and massage it onto your face. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant that would not dry your skin and milk also has a moisturizing effect.

4.    Use a primer

When applying a foundation, it is better to put on a makeup primer before applying your foundation to help the product glide onto your skin well. Blending the product is also much easier if a primer is used beforehand. Your makeup also has something to “cling” into making it lasts longer.

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there are a lot of good primers available on the drugstore and department store. Using a water-based foundation is also preferred than using a powder type foundation as the latter tends to emphasize the dryness of the skin. Water-based foundations are also easier to blend than the powder type.

5.    Mask

Treat your skin at least once a week with a nourishing mask specially designed for dry skin. This will help in adding an overall glow to the face and keeps your skin moisturized and healthy looking.


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