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Female Ejaculation: Myths or Facts? The answer you want!

Female Ejaculation
Female Ejaculation

In this article information about Female Ejaculation. Most men do not really understand the nature of the vagina, it is mostly a mystery, even for some women. Many people complain that men are insensitive towards their sexuality. But the number of women is increasing which are looking for the fountain of Venus! Mysteries and taboos are partly related to the female reproductive system. Which is harder than their male counterparts. This effect is extended to our culture (in the west), where women bodies are kept very private than men, privacy has helped shape how they are perceived.

Female ejaculation is a real process, and you need to be ready to do your literal studies. And relatively recently until medical advice “does not play with, look or do”; The result is that the socially sexual harassment of the generations of women has been done. As if they do not experience a large part of their innate sexuality. Here you know about SPA – What are the benefits of massage.

This is partly due to the standard social fairs in relation to women’s body fluids. Due to the Western culture of control and hidden in relation to the female form. This topic, like most areas of female sexuality, is seen with contempt in the context of “civil society”. Thus helping it to preserve it as a taboo.

Due to the appearance of women, statues are draught able and ancient. And yet idolized in the form of sex organisms, and are subject to unwritten laws. Such as openly allowing normal body functions such as perspiration. Or too much vaginal lubrication to break the illusion Not given. Here you know about Yoga – Everything that you want to know.

The first modern description of female ejaculation came from the Netherlands.


Here’s the information you need to know:

  • All things are the same, assuming standard female shape, experiencing ejaculation for someone should be technically possible. However, everyone is unique and geometry can definitely prevent a woman from attaining this form of excitement.
  • The extracted fluid is a sexual mixture around or around the urethra. Which contains urine, calcium and mixed urine called pheromone, is a normal physical function.
  • Women can not actively control the secretion of vaginal fluids during sexual activity. It is normal and it can not be stopped per auxiliary or preventable, therefore both psychic and technique are required.
  • The Potential quantity of ejaculation is directly proportional to sexual activity; I.e. avoiding sex = more content, this is not a medical problem. Anatomy determines the position of intercourse where the male is at the top result in the entry of the rear wall of the vagina, assuming that the woman is on her back.

This condition will not provide the stimulation of cervix or Grenoble-spots because the penis will go straight behind the vagina. Bypassing the anterior wall which is much more sensitive than the back or rear walls. However, in cases where the woman is on top or in the case of rectal penetration. (not recommended without excessive care). Or where the male is at the top angle relative to the woman; The entrance will be such that the anterior wall will be stimulated.

The approved method of obtaining female Ejaculation

approved method
approved method

An approved method of obtaining female ejaculation is done through all the action of the finger, through clitoral, vaginal or Greenberg stimulation. Note that the clitoral system is a powerful organ in itself. In which there are 8000 nerve endings, which are internal Spreads up to 10 times the bottom!

The woman should lie on an angle with her feet. Which is open to uncover her valve and Labia Minora, for the best results, her lover should be placed on her right (assuming she is right hand). After the foreplay, it is necessary, whatever is necessary to stimulate him. The lover should put two fingers in his vagina. Some combination of riddles is quite effective, facing pubic bone (above) in his palm is.

The lover should now find his Guttenberg-spot, a little raised on the “roof” of the vaginal cave, the Spongy Bump; In most women, it is about 2 cm in the vagina, behind the pubic bone and behind the cervix in the uterus. He should start by manipulating his fingers so that he should push. And if possible please stroke in the “Come here” motion of the anterior wall of the vagina while continuing the foreplay.

It should stimulate the pelvic nerve and hypogastric plexus, as opposed to crystal stimuli which contain only the Prudential Nerve. Ideally, both of the cervical and Trachtenberg-spots require concurrent stimulation, including pelvic, hypocritic and sensory opacity nerve. Which make up the total body’s impression, and it is such a pressure that is the result of vaginal fluid A hot flow releases…

Some important note for materials designed to encourage sexual desire

Note that all the main materials designed to encourage sexual desire, including ting squirting girls movies and pictures, have been controversial and airbrushed. These are the last places to see natural breeding processes! Rarely, sex has been portrayed in movies. It is often dirty, noisy, stinking, hot, and thinking about it has a great effect on sexual pleasures.

The good news is that as a rule, our children are becoming sexually conscious at an early age as compared to the past. Which is due to the so-called “sex education” in schools that only work to destroy sex is. The result is initially in the form of a better level of education. Whose natural result is more experimenting? In the first place in life when things are more gentle and ultimately the equipment is better utilized.


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