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Best Hairstyle Tips for long hair

Having long hair is beautiful and versatile. You can get away with almost any updo’s as long. As you properly style it and use the right products. It is no wonder why most celebrities prefer having long hairstyles. Long hairstyle is versatile and it makes everyone look younger and sexier.

The following are some hairstyle tips for women with longer tresses.

Best Hairstyle Tips:- Ponytail

Best Hairstyle Tips for long hair

Putting your hair into a ponytail is considered as the easiest way to style long hair. You can pull them up as high as you can if you wish to look mod’. Curling your hair before tying them is also ideal if you want to look girly and romantic.

A ponytail can save you from bad hair days. Or when you do not have the time to style your hair. Just make sure that it looks clean, sleek and chic. Otherwise, you might end up looking as if you got straight out of the bed!  

Best Hairstyle Tips:- Braiding

Best Hairstyle Tips for long hair

There are different types of braiding that you can choose from – fishtail, inverted, french braid, English braid, and Swiss braid. Braiding goes back to the 18th century when women wanted to keep their hair long but didn’t want to bother styling them every now and then.

Braiding adds style without too much effort. All you need to do is to gather the hair at the back of your head and divide them into three sections. Carry the section of that hair on the left side over the middle. And then drag the section of the hair on the right side over the previous left section of your locks.

Continue doing this until you have reached the end of the hair. Remembering to leave at least two inches of unbraided hair. Grab your hair tie to seal the deal and you are all set! You can also spice this lookup by choosing a bedazzled hairpiece to make it look more elegant.

Best Hairstyle Tips:- Pencil straight hair

Pencil straight hair

This type of hairstyle never goes out of style. It looks natural, healthy and youthful. A lot of women tend to undergo several treatments and use different styling tools in order to achieve uber-straight hair.

This style is not for everyone especially if you are naturally born with curly and frizzy hair. Constant styling and exposure to heat activated tools can result in hair damage. People who have wavy or naturally straight hair can achieve this look by blow-drying their hair with a paddle brush or using a flat iron to make it look straighter. Do not forget to use hair protectants to prevent and minimize the damage.  



Layered hairstyle is a good one to have as it will add softness to the face. It can also balance off a strong jawline and frame your face to emphasize your bone structure. You can add bangs if you have a longer face shape to make it appear smaller.  

Tousled and Curly

Tousled and Curly

This type of hairstyle is for people who wish to look romantic, girly and sexy. Tousled waves naturally have an ethereal appeal. Think Kate Hudson and Taylor Swift. People who are born with this type of hair only need to apply a mouse onto damp hair and a diffuser to redefine their curls and prevent frizziness.

Ladies with straight hair can achieve this look by dividing their hair into different sections and wrapping each in a curling iron. Hold for about 15 seconds and release the strands slowly. Apply hairspray to make the style last longer.


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