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How to agree on a baby name

Tips and information on How to agree on a baby name. Is it a difficult time for you and your spouse to agree on the name of a child? They think that Jack is the perfect boy name, while you are bending like some Edgar, like Jacques. Or maybe you love classic names, while it bends towards more unique names.

Find out how to compromise and name the perfect baby girl or baby boy, on

which you both can agree: How to agree on a baby name

Are you and your partner a perfect baby girl or baby boy’s name? Compromising on one name can be difficult when both of you have a strong opinion on this subject. Find out how to find common ground and keep a child’s name together so that both of you will be happy.

Tips – How to agree on the child’s name

Keep it between you and your spouse

Have less opinion with you, better! Try to decide the name of the child between yourself and your spouse, and keep your friends and family out of the discussion.

Jennifer Marshall, the mother of two children, said, “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I thought sending a survey of the names we liked is a good idea.” We thought it was a great way to include them. In my family, it became a disaster, you can choose a name that you love and can make it clear that it is not for debate. “

Compare baby names lists: How to agree on a baby name

How to agree on a baby name

If you are having difficulty finding common ground, then it is time to remove a pen and paper and make a list. Each of you writes the names of your top 10 or 20 children. Compare your lists to see if you have the same name or similar names. If you do, those names automatically go to the top of your child’s name in the master list.

Find a Common Land: How to agree on a baby name

If your baby name list does not match everyone, then find the general base as a starting point. For example, do you prefer both traditional names? Fashionable name? Foreign name? Search for these topics to reach a common foundation. Once you both agree on one topic, please see the following articles to help you minimize your child’s name search:

  • Top 50 Traditional Boy Names
  • Top 50 Traditional Girl Names
  • Name and meaning of foreign child
  • Unique Baby Names and Meanings
  • Social Security Top 100 Baby Names

Do not you like the name?

How to agree on a baby name

If you can not agree on the name of your choice, then a good starting point can cross the names in each other’s list which you do not like. Doing this task can help you find a general basis.

Middle name agreement

If you are both dead-sets on the name of a child, do not forget that you have a middle name to give you some winging rooms. Many children go by their middle name, so you can decide what name you want to call it after being born once – by its name or its middle name.

See the meaning of the baby name

Plug in your child’s name options in search of our advanced child’s name, which gives you both the meaning and origin of the child’s name. If the meaning is either right or unacceptable, then it can run away from you either.


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