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How to Impress A Girl on a First Date

How to Impress A Girl on a First Date

First dates are as important as your first impression in a job interview, so knowing how to impress a girl on a first date is a make or break for a future relationship. Anyway, don’t worry much. You have already succeeded in asking her out for a date. Congratulate yourself first. After some conversations, phone calls and chats, the girl feel interested in you.  There are some tips on How to Impress A Girl on a First Date.

So, you need to emphasize on how to impress her on that first date? Here are some tips to keep in your mind.

Be punctual: How to Impress A Girl on a First Date

This makes the girl feel you are serious on her. Never waste your date by being late. You can show her you’re really into her by being very punctual to pick her up. When you arrive there on time, expect that she is not ready yet. Nonetheless, be patient and stay cool, the girl is also excited and she wants to beautify herself as much as she can. The first date is important for her too. Believe me, she also wants to impress you. Here you know about Shalimargame.

Dress properly: How to Impress A Girl on a First Date

Wear clothes relevant to date. It may be a dinner, a movie theatre, a park, cafeteria, etc, isn’t it? No matter it is tux or a casual outfit, as long as it is clean, tidy and new enough then it is okay. In general, to impress a girl, the way you dress should be presentable.

She should be able to proud of you when her friends see you two are hanging out. Also, make sure you smell good. Good grooming is important but smells are vital. It may ruin everything. No girl wants to kiss a bad smelling guy. Make sure you shaved well and brushed your teeth. Spray some cologne.

Bring a present: How to Impress A Girl on a First Date

Gifts don’t need to be expensive. Instead focus on something romantic – a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or a cute teddy bear will work. Your gifts will be appreciated as it makes her feel cared and special. Whenever you wonder how to impress a girl on a first date, consider the things that would spark romance.

Be a gentleman:  

Open the door for her, pull her seat, and unfold her napkin if necessary.  Serve her food, and pour her drinks but keep in mind you are not her servant.  Just let her feel you are a caring guy who is capable to provide, protect and full of romance.

Be cool but do things naturally. In your conversation, listen to her carefully and patiently. Girls like to tell their problems and concerns. But don’t try to give solutions to her problems immediately. Girls just want you to listen.  Only when she feels heard, you can lead her to a solution.

These are just simple steps on how to get a girl to like you. Lastly, always be yourself and confident on a date. The girl agrees to a date with you as she is also interested in you.  So, don’t be nervous. The art of how to impress a girl on a date isn’t rocket science. When you know where the key is, the doors are no longer the doors for you.


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