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Organic Baby Food: Smart Steps to Raise our Baby on Organic food

Organic Baby Food

Baby is a wonderful gift for our life. Keeping them safe in this very harmful environment is a hard effort to make my parents. Providing organic Baby food for them is just a small portion to maintain their health. There are still several things to be done to raise our organic baby in green living. Here are some smart steps that guide us to raise our organic baby on green living. By doing a green lifestyle, we will not only provide a safer and healthier environment but also helping the earth conservation. So let’s try these following things:

1. Breastfeeding our baby: Organic Baby Food


Breastfeeding is the first on the list of raising our organic baby on the green living tip because it is recognized as the best option. As stated by WHO, breastfeed the baby will provide them with a sufficient amount of nutrition and better immune system.

Besides that, exclusive breastfeeding will also help us to maintain the bond with baby, controlling birth and act as natural weight loss, a method for a new mom.

Not only providing the baby to live in better health, but the breastfeeding process also reduces the waste that may result from formula container, bottle, and etc. It makes breastfeed as the first important step to raise our organic baby on the green living effort.

2. Use a glass bottle than a plastic one: Organic Baby Food

glass bottle

The glass bottle is absolutely more eco-friendly than the plastic bottle. It is because the plastic one will need about 450 years to decompose. Just imagine how much plastic waste that polluted the earth. Besides that, a glass bottle can be recycled and resulting in 1000 watts per hour.

If we are really want to raise a baby in a safer and healthier environment. Then it will absolutely need our effort to participate. Any kind of action to raise our organic baby on a green living will teach them earlier about. How to maintain our connection with the earth?

3. Use cloth diapers

cloth diapers

As we know that there are many kinds of baby diapers available on the market. If we want to raise our organic baby on green living. Then we should choose a baby product that safer for both our baby and earth.

Many of us may prefer to choose disposable diapers because of practice reason. Disposable diapers do not need to be washed, just throw it on the wastebasket after use. In fact, it can be a great pollutant for the earth.

It is also not healthy for our babies to wear because of the chemical ingredients inside it. Raise our organic baby on green living through cloth diaper usage will reduce the possibility of chemical substance contamination.

As a parent, we also can get a lot of benefit from cloth diapers usage. We can save much more money than using a disposable one. Live in a better way and get so much benefit from it is what cloth diapers usage offer. Raise our organic baby on green living through choosing a cloth diaper made from organic cotton will be safer for our organic baby.

4. Make our homemade baby food.

homemade baby food

Making our own baby food is the simplest effort to raise our organic baby on the green living concept. We can eliminate the waste that may result from more plastic. And glass waste from product seal and package we buy from the food store. It will only need a blender, food processor and our creativity. Through make a homemade baby menu, we can control the ingredients of food that we provide.

Raise our organic baby on green living is gained better if we plant our own organic food. We can provide healthier food anytime we want. So it is completely proven that maintain the connection with earth will also help us to raise our green babies in a safer world. Just remember that how to raise method. That we use at their early age will affect their life several years later.

Reveal the Fact that We can Have Healthier Kid with Organic Food

Organic Baby Food

Organic food is not only a popular term but a real new movement to get a healthier future. In fact, most of the available food in the market containing pesticide more than we can imagine. Just try to figure out the exposure of this food toward our infant or children. That having lower immune than us as an adult.

Most of us may think that it will not be causing a big problem. When our children eating the food that commonly found in the majority of the food. Actually, the consumption habit of regular food product needs to be changed. Otherwise, it can be resulting in lifelong damage to our children body. 

Organic food can make a change on this but the problem is, many of us still arguing this. Let’s talk about the fact about the importance of this kind of food for our children health. I believe, finally, we can see the fact. That organic food can improve our children health condition because of its ability to reducing pesticide exposure consumption.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency even stated. That there are hundreds of pesticide type that resulting in a wide and various effect. The effect is various start from the brain and nervous system damage and injuring the hormone system.

Organic food is not only important to be given in early child age but also since the pregnancy period. Consuming regular food product may cause leukemia and liver disruption when the baby born.

organic food movement becomes a more popular idea

Actually, there is a significant increase in pesticide usage since 1960. But there is still less research done to explore this. Luckily since the environmental and organic food movement becomes more popular idea then many studies held to investigate this fact. Many farm production process uses twice of pesticide amount than previously age.

This fact is supported by the test on mammals. To show a more significant effect of organic food toward our children health. Then a study that involved 23 children held. They are subjected to consume an organic diet for about five days, the result shows that their pesticide exposure level is dropped down significantly.

It was also revealed through this study that the toxic level of pesticide exposure is decreasing for infant and children. 

This may add our conviction that organic food is the best choice among regular food product. That available in the whole foods market. Since it has no risk and long term effect as another regular food product has.

Even pregnant and breastfeeding women can get a positive effect on consuming organic. They can eliminate the possibilities of transferring the toxic chemicals substance to their children. The whole fact above should change our understanding of organic food. Because this kind of food is also resulting benefit for the environment.

Change our children diet

It is reasonable that it will be more difficult to change our children diet consumption habit. It is they had their own diet plan before. They will get used to consuming a certain type of food than organic food. That we would like to introduce. Keep making food choices but stay in an order to reduce the possibilities that they will become a picky eater.

Serve a balanced menu that combines the whole organic food type like organic vegetables and organic fruit. The fruit may not become a big problem. Because most children love to eat fruit but the veggie may cause some problem. As a parent, we have to find a way to make them loves organic naturally. 

Organic Baby Food

We can find a delicious and attractive recipe so that they can enjoy their organic diet. Another important thing dealing with the organic diet is making sure. That the food that we choose is truly an organic one. Read the label carefully and be sure not to easy to be fooled by ‘natural’ label. Carefully verified the manufacturer organic food certificate whether they get the certificate from the trusted regulatory department or not.

Avoiding Prenatal Pesticide Exposure toward Children by Consuming Organic baby Food

Organic food is not only popular as a trend in society. It means more than that. In fact, this kind of food provides a better benefit toward anyone who consumes it. Later on, this article will provide a real fact about the great effect of consuming.

This type of food than the traditionally produced one, especially for pregnant women. During the pregnancy phase, it is commonly suggested to eat healthy food. We can simply gain a healthy one through organic food. Pregnant women can consume organic fruit, vegetable. 

Organic Baby Food

Many people may not aware of the problem that may cause by prenatal exposure. Or unaware pregnant women that get used to consuming food that contains pesticide. Several studies held by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Environmental Protection Agency. And others even noted that this kind of exposure can be resulting from lower IQ of children.

This is mainly happening because prenatal pesticide exposure can affect children ADHD. Pregnant women can simply avoid this by consuming organic food free from pesticide harm.

As a woman, we have to raise our awareness. So finally we can reach a better understanding of the importance of consuming organic food. It has to be understood by women, especially those who live in farming communities.

It is simply because they are on the highest list of pesticide exposure risk. The studies already proved that women who have a higher level of organophosphate. Or pesticide exposure in her urine will have lower IQ children than other women who have less pesticide exposure level. (Premature Baby Care)

organic food farming

This fact is reasonable since women. That live in the farming area have to face pesticide and chemical exposure in their daily life. Since the product that they produce is not organic food. It is simply because each step in the farming growth and production use many kinds of chemical substance. That will be resulting in big harm to their future health.

Even though the researcher cannot find out how organophosphates can affect children brain development. But it is assumed that the pesticides will breakdown the neurotransmitter. That is why it can lowering our children IQ. If we want to avoid this to happen to our children. Then we can start to turn into the various available organics food.

For us who still feel in doubt about the benefit that possibly gained by consuming organic food. Then the following list may change our mind. It is not a new thing that pesticide and other dangerous chemical substance are used in the conventional farming process.

Even if the food product has a natural label. It does not mean that it is free from any potentially hazardous threat. The following conventional product is not good to consume by pregnant women. Since it carries a high level of an organophosphate pesticide. (Baby Skin Care)

Organic food

The list started with green beans, peaches, celery, pears, apples, and blueberry. Not only that, other fruit like cherries, grape, and collard greens also categorize as a high health threat. We do not need to worry about anything.

If we already turn into organic food because it can eliminate our health risk. Since the soil, the growth, the process of the product is done without involving chemical substance. And under the tight supervision of governmental food department. 

Organic Baby Food

Even other fruit and vegetable like cauliflower, carrots, onion, broccoli, pineapples, orange, banana, and grapefruit still contain pesticide contamination. If we want to be safe, start to buy organic food in the grocery.

Pay attention to the foods labeled. Be sure that the product that we choose is real organic food. Start to consume from now on and we will get the result in our future health. Organic food is absolutely the best solution to provide complete nutrition for pregnant women.


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