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3 The reason why Organic Meat is Better than the Conventional One

Organic Meat

Organic meat, same as the other organic product considered has a better impact on our health. However, most of us still think that there are no significant differences between the organic and conventional one but the price is high different. This thing is always come up in our mind when we are going to the supermarket and face these two kinds of meat product. Later on, this article will provide a better understanding for us to wisely buy the right one.

A brief distinction between them is the label of certified organic. To get the label, organic meat has to fulfill the requirement of the National Organic Program. Basically, the differences are not only about the price. But the environment where the animal is raised, fed pattern and the environmental impact. The three-factor detailed above is also the reason. Why organic meat is recognized as a better product than the conventionally raised one. (Premature Baby Care)

Differences Between Organic Meat and the Conventional

The first differences between organic meat and the conventional one are the type of feed. The conventional beef raises in a certain type of diet which called diet of grain. This diet is a method to help them obtained quickly increasing of weight. Instead of feeding grass, the beef is also given a kind of growth enhancers and antibiotic to support their growth. In fact, most of the cattle like a cow in conventional method feed with urea, beef tallow, and chicken litter. Of course, it will bring an impact on us in the future.

Different Thing Happens in Organic Meat

A different thing happens in organic meat. Organic meat raised following the NOP standard. The standard including the requirement that the cattle graze on grass. Or at least 120 days have to get free access to an open environment. For the growth, they are raised in a natural way without any feed additives. A growth enhancer, antibiotics and other chemical substance. This requirement has to be fulfilled before an organic meats product can obtain organic certification. In the customer side, this makes us feel safer. Because we eat organic meat that contains no risk of dangerous chemical exposure toward our health.

Organic Meat to Considered as a Better Product than the Conventional

The last differences that make it reasonable for organic meat to considered as a better product than the conventional one are living condition. Commonly, beef cattle make a stressful condition. It is mainly because there is no access to the open environment and reaches the grass feed by themselves. Conventional feedlots also make a very pity condition for the cattle because they do not have enough access to make a free movement. It is far different from the standard applied by the organic meat raising method. (Baby Skin Care)

They are not only feeding beef with organic grass to maintain healthy consumption. But also provide enough space to eliminate the stress of cattle in organic meat cattle. They are kept in such a natural environment. Where they can live freely without competing for much for food and water in crowded cattle. The organic meat cattle also bring great impact to the environment. It is simply because the organic method requires a management plan that avoids any pollutant from manure. Automatically, it will reduce the dangerous pathogen and chemical that may contaminate the soil and water.

Which One is Better, Organic Chicken or Free Range?

Free Range Chicken

Organic chicken may not become a popular term nowadays. However, buy organic product always provide a better result for our health than the traditional growth of produced one. Since the organic and free-range term become famous then many of manufacturer start to turn into these two terms in their producing process. Today, many agricultural and animal food production has given the organic and free-range term. The green movement also helps the rise of organic term popularity.

Many people become more aware of the effect of synthetic chemicals and unhealthy food source. Organic food product like organic chicken always completed with the certificate from USDA.

It can be such a warranty for us as a customer that the food that we consume free from synthetic chemical, fertilizer, an antibiotic and additional hormone. The organic chicken is labeled as certified organic because at least they are raised and processed with 95% of organic content and method.

Organic Chicken and Free Range Chicken

There are two popular terms that become popular today. Those terms are organic chicken and free-range chicken. Basically, both of them have some similar aspect. Some differences are food type, the kind of substance that exposed to the animal, and the living condition.

Different from the traditionally raised, organic chicken feed by organic substance and growth without any additional hormone to increase their growth level. Besides that, the chicken also should be given access to reach outside while they are raised.

These means that they have full access to get direct sunlight, fresh air, free movement, and outside of their cattle. Chicken that raised in free-range has a few differences. This kind of chicken is allowed to access outdoor.

But never specifically mentioned how many the chicken will be let outside in a day and the size of the outdoor space that they get. Different from the organic, organic chicken raised in a free-range and genetic condition. The chicken feed in an organic situation. While free-range does not mean that they raised organically.

Feel Curious About Organic Chicken

Organic Meat

Another thing that many people may still feel curious about organic chicken is its nutrient level. In fact, the term organic or free-range chicken is just a term to indicate the raising process. It does not have any relationship with its nutrition level.

According to USDA, the organic and the traditionally raised do not have big differences in the nutrient scale. Some people may say that the meat of the organic chicken is fresher than the conventionally raised one. However, there is no fact that legally support this statement yet. One thing that can be measured is the health aspect.

We may know that the conventionally raised chicken is living in a very different way with the organic. They are injected with many chemical substances to boost their growth or egg production. Not only that, but they are also fed by some drugs that commonly help their growth.

Believe it or not, even we are already cooking the conventionally raised chicken. So that we conclude that there is no chemical residue but we will never know what lay inside the meat. While organic chicken is free from any chemical substance. So that our risk to be contaminated with the chemical will be automatically reduced. (The Abercrombie Model Workout)


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