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Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment

Three months ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since that time, I have done tremendous amounts of research on potential alternative therapies. Some are readily available to me for self-administration, and others are available only through alternative practitioners. Some I have heard of before, and others are totally new to me. Ozone Therapy as Adjuvant for Cancer Treatment

The use of ozone and ozonated water is one of the therapies. That my current doctor has prescribed for me to use in my battle against cancer. I receive ozone treatments at his office three to five days a week; and upon his recommendation, I drink ozonated water at home.

Since this was a new therapy for me, I decided to do some research on it. Here is what I found out.

A little history on Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy

Oxygen is essential for life. Ozonated water and other ozone therapies supply this life-giving oxygen to the body enabling. It to combat many different disease processes, including cancer.

Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, and Nobel prize winner stated in his book. The Metabolism of Tumors. That cancer happens when the oxygenation process in normal cells is replaced by the fermentation of sugar. In order for cancer cells to grow, an oxygen deficiency must be present within the cells. In fact, in the mid-1950s, Warburg was able to show. That cancer cells died when exposed to high levels of oxygen.

Ozone therapy has been used quite extensively for more than half a century to treat not only cancer. But arteriosclerosis and diabetes, as well as asthma, wounds, and gangrene. Ozone therapy is used to effectively shrink tumors and treat AIDS in clinics throughout Europe and Mexico. It is able to provide all these benefits by increasing the oxygen supply to the body’s cells destroying bacteria, parasites. And viruses in the bloodstream.

What is ozone?

Simply stated, ozone (O3) is pure oxygen – three atoms of pure oxygen. The extra atom makes it a chemically active form of oxygen. It is a powerful germicide that kills bacteria, parasites, viruses, spores, and fungi. #It is these germicidal abilities that allow.

%It to be used to effectively treat the water supplies of several US cities. And over 3000 cities in Europe including Paris, Singapore, Brussels, Florence, Zürich, and Moscow. Additionally, at least 90% of all swimming pools in Germany are ozonated rather than chlorinated.

“Ozone is nature’s natural disinfectant,” shares Ed McCabe in his book, Oxygen Therapies. “Ozone is one of the most beneficial substances on this planet … [It is] only O3 – pure oxygen, and never anything else.”

Compared to atmospheric oxygen (O2) which contains only two oxygen molecules, ozone is much more antiseptic, germicidal and oxidative. Ozone destroys viruses and germs while at the same time being totally harmless to healthy cells. When administered at low, prescribed doses.

Not to be confused with the “bad stuff”

Ozone therapy

When people hear the word “ozone,” they often confuse it with the “ozone alerts” that generally go hand-in-hand with smog. This ground-level ozone is a result of the pollutants in the air. And is not the same as the ozone being discussed here.

Ozone is beneficial to the planet in many different ways. The “ozone layer” that surrounds the earth protects it and us from the harmful rays of the sun. Plants continually release oxygen into the atmosphere.

This oxygen rises and is flooded with the sun’s UV rays where it is converted into ozone. This conversion process uses up the UV rays, therefore, protecting the earth from the harm caused by UV rays. The photo-chemical and electrical properties of lightning also create ozone.

The additional atom of oxygen present in the ozone makes. It heavy causing it to fall back to the earth. Where it becomes available to purify water and air, while also decomposing bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Ozone and Cancer Treatment

Ozone for Cancer Treatment

Ozone is not as stable as atmospheric oxygen because it has an extra oxygen molecule. It is this instability that allows ozone to be used medically. That extra molecule of oxygen found in ozone enables. It to kill viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi by attaching itself to them.

Then oxidizing and eliminating them. It kills these pathogens without harming normal cells. Because the disease-causing pathogens have a fragile enzyme coating. That does not protect their cells from its harmful effects. (OVitaminpro herbal supplements)

Although ozone can be used as a primary treatment for cancer, it is generally used as a complementary therapy.

Ozone treatments can be administered in a variety of ways:

  • After drawing 50 to 100 mL of blood, the blood is mixed with ozone-oxygen. And then returned back to the patient intravenously.
  • After drawing 10 mL of blood, the blood is mixed with ozone-oxygen. And then injected back into a muscle of the patient – often the gluteus maximus.
  • Using a small tube, ozonated air can be administered rectally, vaginally. Or through the ear canals where it can then easily enter the bloodstream.
  • It can be breathed in or inhaled. Extreme caution should be used if utilizing the benefits of ozone through inhalation.
  • Drinking ozonated water.

Ozone Therapy Improves Conventional Cancer Treatments

Ozone therapy has shown to work well when combined with the conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. It has been shown that lower doses of conventional treatments can achieve either the same effect, or even better than the conventional treatments when ozone is used as a complementary treatment. (Sprain / Strain Treatment Symptoms and Causes)

How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone treatments saturate the bloodstream with high doses of oxygen. What we know about ozone therapy. And cancer treatment has come a long way since Otto Warburg initially discovered its benefits.

We now know that ozone therapy is able to monopolize on the unstable nature of malignant cancer cells; and that by subjecting the cancer cells to ozone, their metabolic processes shut down causing the cells to die (apoptosis). (Eco-Friendly Lunch Box)

Some authorities also believe that when blood is mixed with the ozone. Cancer cells that are present in the blood die. Then, when the blood is reintroduced into the patient intravenously. Or by injection, the patient’s immune system produces antibodies against these dead cancer cells.

These antibodies then begin to destroy other cancer cells. And the tumor from which they originated – working much the same way as a vaccine. (Organic Baby Food)

How Can Ozonated Water Be Used at Home?

Have you ever had the opportunity to drink fresh clean water just downstream from a waterfall? If you have, you probably felt invigorated. That’s because the water was ozonated as it tumbled over the rocks. This same principle can be recreated in the home using an ozone water purifier – an Ozonator.

The Ozonator purifies the water removing all harmful organisms and infuses the water with oxygen. After drinking ozonated water, preferably on an empty stomach, it moves quickly to the small intestines where it enters the bloodstream. (3 The reason why Organic Meat)

Ozonated water has also been used topically as an antibacterial and antifungal agent to promote healing on scrapes, bruises, and burns.

When someone with a heavy toxic load in their body drinks the ozonated water, the ozone has the ability to oxidize those toxins in an effort to remove them. As the pathways out of the body become clogged with the toxins being expelled, a “healing crisis” or “cleansing reaction” can occur. This process can produce flu-like symptoms: nausea, fatigue, achiness, and fever. (Pulse Magnetic Therapy: Embraced By Loads Of People)

Most studies done to determine the safety of ozone have been stopped when these detoxification symptoms began, and not after the cleansing has finished taking place.

These studies then report that the ozone treatment is harmful; but had the study been allowed to continue, it would have been discovered that the subject would have been healthier for having completed the healing process. (How to Develop Into a Dental Assistant)

oxygen-Rich Environment

Since most pathogens cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment, it makes sense to use ozonated water to assist your immune system. Toxins can also attach themselves to oxygen so they can be eliminated from the body. If this oxygen is not available, the toxins build up inside the body causing diseases such as cancer.

Dr. William F. Koch, MD., a free radical chemist, explained that all disease begins with a buildup of toxins in the body. Drinking ozonated water can make more oxygen available to the body so that it can effectively eliminate toxins and fight disease. (Waking Up with Stomach Aches)

Whether using an Ozonator to simply purify water or using it to create an elixir for detoxification and healing, ozonated water could be useful in a cancer-fighting regimen. I’m using it in mine! What do you think?


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