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Sleep Pregnant: Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

All information about Sleep Pregnant in this article. Many women find it extremely difficult to sleep during pregnancy. While the first trimester of your pregnancy might be very comfortable, trouble begins only later. The first trimester of your pregnancy will leave you feeling very tired. Your body will go through many changes as it nurtures and supports the developing baby.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

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In the first trimester, you’ll notice that your body requires more sleep. Sleeping during pregnancy usually becomes a difficulty as the baby grows. Not only is an enlarging belly a problem, but many women also spend sleepless nights. Because their backs and legs hurt or they have a more frequent urge to urinate.

Your increased heart rate which is necessary to pump more blood to supply to the placenta. It can be another cause for disturbed sleep during pregnancy. In the last trimester of your pregnancy, heartburn can also keep you awake at night. To add to that, stress and nervousness about having a baby can also be a hindrance while sleeping during pregnancy.

Here are a few tips that can help you sleep during pregnancy more peacefully

Sleep Pregnant: Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Sleep Pregnant

Exercise and diet. It is a well-proven fact that an exercised. And tired body finds it easier to drift to a peaceful sleep. If you have trouble sleeping during pregnancy, enroll yourself in any fitness class designed especially to cater to pregnant women. Whether it is yoga, light exercises or just going for a walk around the block; any form of physical exertion will help you sleep better.

This also helps reduce the leg cramps that many women complain of during pregnancy. The exercise will ensure proper blood flow through the body and also add to your stamina. Avoid anything full of fat and spice when you are pregnant.

While you might crave for that burrito, eating it will only keep you awake at night with heartburn. Sleep propped up on pillows as well as keep a few antacid pills next to your bed. In case you need to pop a few in the middle of the night. Ask your doctor to advise you on a diet that promotes sleep during pregnancy.

Relaxation and MeditationResearch proves. That pregnant women find it easier to sleep better when they practice a relaxing pre-sleep routine. Have a nice hot bath, indulge in aromatherapy. And have a cup of warm milk with honey before you get in bed.

If you still find it tough to sleep during pregnancy, you can also read a little before bedtime. This usually shuts down your mind, urges your body to relax. And makes it possible for you to drift off without much trouble. Yoga and meditation can also greatly promote sleeping during pregnancy.

Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Take Frequent NapsUnlike popular belief, catching a few naps in the daytime will help you sleep during pregnancy better. Sometimes the body is so tired it finds it very difficult to drift off to sleep. Being overtired is never a good idea during pregnancy. Catch an afternoon nap to give your body some much-needed rest. Soon your body will get used to the routine and sleep during pregnancy even at night would come effortlessly.

Just make sure that your bed is comfortable and supports your growing belly properly. Also, wear comfy pajamas that promote sleep during a pregnancy instead of being too tight over your belly. And making you feel suffocated. Support pillows are also a great investment. As they can easily support your back and belly right until the last trimester.

Sleeping on Right Side During Pregnancy

Better Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Sleeping during pregnancy becomes more and more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. While many women continue to sleep on their belly in the first trimester. They have to learn more about better sleep positions during pregnancy. Your large belly will soon not allow you to sleep on your stomach.

Then again, to sleep on the back during pregnancy is also not recommended. It puts unnecessary pressure on many blood vessels like the Aorta. And Vena Cava and can also be very bad for the baby as it reduced blood circulation in the body. Doctors also say that if you sleep on the back during pregnancy you will experience more backache and lower blood pressure.

Best Position to Sleep During Pregnancy

The best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your side. While either side is good, sleeping during pregnancy on your left side is extremely beneficial. It ensures more blood flow to the placenta. And has been reported as the most comfortable position to sleep during pregnancy. Of course, when you want to change sides sleeping on the right side is also equally safe.

Invest in full-body pillows or other maternity pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible while sleeping. While for a few pregnant women it is essential to support their backs while sleeping. Others like added support for their belly. There are many pillows available today that can help you in better sleeping during pregnancy.

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