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Do you know more about health Telemedicine Technologies? That will be available to us in the future? There are many people that would love to know more about the technology that will serve us in the future. And therefore they are interested in going for various trade shows.

Where they get to see the glimpse of the technology. That is yet to enter the market. If you are passionate about medical science technologies.

Then you should definitely take your time out from your work to attend the worlds. Largest telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth event that is happening in San Jose.

Telemedicine Technologies

Telemedicine Technologies

The American Telemedicine Association Annual Trade Meeting will be happening in San Jose from April 16, 2019. And if you are in California then you should make sure.

That you take some time out for this trade show where you get to see the future of the medical world. This will be one of the largest trade shows.

That has happened so far and will have more than 200 exhibitors sharing their information and knowledge along with the new technologies. That they have already invented.

If you are a medical student this will be a good opportunity for you to enjoy something that the world has not seen yet.

The event will also be attended by Apple’s Co-founder. That will provide updates about the events. If you are interested in attending the event you can always look out for sites from where you can register for the event.

You can also make use of the ATA15DISC code that will provide you with a 15% discount when you register for the event. The trade show will focus on various different health topics and will have various educational programs related to telemedicine and telehealth. You can register online to get your Free Expo Pass Only ticket.


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